John Mangiapane of Mangia Pizza & Restaurant – Photo Story

In New York, especially Long Island, there is pretty much a pizza place on every corner right next to the Dunkin or bagel shop. With so many pizza restaurants, how does one stand out amongst the competition? Well, John Mangiapane of Mangia Pizza & Restaurant, has been finding a way since opening his restaurant in 2001 after deciding to expand his family’s pizza place, which was established in 1987.

Serving homemade Italian food from pasta dishes to pizza, Mangiapane has had customers  coming back for years. While owning a restaurant is no easy feat, he has been able to find the balance between spending time with his family and making sure the restaurant stays afloat. With his witty charisma and easygoing personality, it is no secret that customers come back solely for the food. Explore a day in the life of John Mangiapane as he spends his Sunday afternoon at Mangia Pizza and Restaurant.


Arriving at Mangia Pizza and Restaurant in the early afternoon, John Mangiapane steps through the doors of the pizza parlor.


After receiving a to-go order, John Mangiapane places the ticket in the ticket holder to start the order. Mangia Pizza and Restaurant sends out approximately 70 deliveries per day.


John Mangiapane tosses dough in the air, one of the steps in preparing the pizza dough for the traditional Mangia pizza crust.


Taking a fresh pepperoni pizza out of the oven, John Mangiapane places the hot dish into a pizza box so that it is ready for the customer to pick up.


With the freshly made boxed pepperoni pizza in hand, John Mangiapane hands the to-go order to the customer.


John Mangiapane asks how the orders are going with employee, Anna, as she prepares a to-go order of zeppolis. Zeppolis are one of the many desserts offered at Mangia Pizza and Restaurant, with others including Italian ices and fried oreos.


John Mangiapane observes as employee Anna hands out the to-go order of zeppolis to the customer. Mangiapane oversees eight employees, ranging from cooks to waiters to delivery persons.


John Mangiapane adds a to-go order into the system from a customer’s phone call.


John Mangiapane pulls a slice of ricotta pizza from the case of pre-made slices. Mangia Pizza and Restaurant offers customers 15 different combinations of pizza toppings.


John Mangiapane asks customers of 15 years, Don and Eileen, how they like their meal. “I love being able to serve the customers a quality good meal,” Mangiapane said. “I get a good kick when I get to see people eat something that makes them happy.”


After a long day at the pizza parlor, John Mangiapane heads out the door to head home in order to get up the next day ready to face the upcoming challenges and triumphs.




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